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First of all, thank you all for sending in your Emails with such wonderful thoughts about our Lady Lou. Being one of the last to respond, I am not sure there is much else to say. Everyone has contributed to such a beautiful tribute, and we thank you all for your kind words and warm thoughts. Lady Lou has set the bar in the clouds when it comes to dignity and grace, and we will do our best to not let her down. There is no better role model for what a mother and parent should be. We can never live up to the incredible example Lady Lou has left for us, but we will try our best. We promised Lady that we would take care of our father (Wolfgang), and yes we understand that means no more Keoki coffee's after two vodka tonics. Our takeaway from all this is a very spiritual commitment to our family, and to not take one moment for granted. Hold your loved ones ever so close, because you never know......... If your parents are still alive, enjoy every moment as if it could be the last. We thought our Lady Lou would live another 20 years, at least, but she was swept away in just a moment. Our family said the following words at least a thousand times through out her last 7 days, but it doesn't hurt to say it one more time. We love you so much Lady, you were the most wonderful mother, you were the best.... My heart is foreever broken.......... I Love You Lady! Todd LD Bops

Todd Owens Smith


For My Grandlady

Dear Grandlady, I miss you so much. I don't really understand it all, but I know that we blow you kisses to heaven every night and include you in our prayers. When we bless Grandpoopah I make sure you are blessed again. I know you are still with me because I talk to you out my window, late at night. I keep telling my mama I want to see you and want you to hold me, but I know you are wrapping your arms around me in your own special way. I am so thankful I knew you for the first 2-1/2 years of my life, and will always keep you close in my heart. Thank you for creating such a wonderful Daddy and such a close family; it is a legacy you can surely be proud of. Your love and happiness will always radiate from me until we are all together again, one day. I love you. Love, Aria Siena (as witnessed by her mama)

Aria Siena Owen Smith

Lady Lou, I miss you.

Lady, Lady, Lady. I'm so happy that I have been able to spend so much time with you and the Smiths. The fun, the joy, the family moments, and the crazy times; you were always there with a smile and a blue-eyed sparkle. When Ginny and I said our vows, we were a tad anxious, but you were there with a look of welcome and calm. It made all the difference. There were times, too many to mention, when your trooper spirit got the gang through the day unscathed. Most of all, you were there when Jessica was born. I was so freaked out, but you let me know that it was going to be alright. You said, "Hold her close and she will know you're her daddy." I will never, never forget you. I will never forget all that you taught me. I will use the goodness you personified to make better the lives of my family & friends, as well as strangers in need. I was so sad as I saw you prepare for your heavenly journey. But I felt the warmth of your spirit as you embraced all of us in a way that is impossible to describe in earthly terms, and then peacefully, painlessly and with elegance & grace, you slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God. With love and devotion.



A Love Note from "Peekachu" Jessica Faith

I love you forever Grand Lady. From the moment I arrived, you were looking at me with a love so pure...those beautiful, sparkling eyes always smiling at me. You just marveled at how well I slept. I love our "cheek to cheek" special quiet connection with you. I love to do the "Peekachu Jig" with you. Grand Lady, you are always laughing and smiling. When I think of you, I think of love and joy. Your life is a positive ray of sunshine that will always be shining on me. Thank you for teaching my Mommy the most important things. I know you'll always be watching over me as I grow up. I promise to always make healthy choices in my would want that for me. I also promise to give Grand Poopah hugs and kisses often. Mommy tells me that now you are my Guardian Angel and my Grand Lady. I am so blessed! I will love you forever. Your little "Peekachu"/Jessica Faith

Jessica Faith FitzGerald

About Sister Virgiinia from Sister Florence

My beautiful Sister was suddenly plucked away from us on August 3rd like there was an urgency in Heaven~~~maybe a guide was needed to lead a band of angels in how to do their best so they could show us earthlings a better way!! She was not only my Sister but a truly beautiful, caring and loving person both inside and out giving her "all" to everything she endeavored to do! Her many accomplishments speak to this~~~the greatest accomplishment being the wife and mother and grandmother to a most wonderful family who are in turn carrying out both Virginia and Rudy's drive to achieve and accomplish!! The last few years I have enjoyed my Sister more than ever before as we have had more time to get to really know each other. Our paths in life followed different routes and we were both busy~~~she in California and me in Minnesota so as is often among siblings we kinda drifted apart. Also in the past few years we have had a lot of fun together and sometimes would start laughing over absolutely nothing and just couldn't stop which I understand is good soul food~~~whatever, we enjoyed it!!! The only time I can remember that we had any friction was when I would borrow her jewelry and somehow it would end up broken. I didn't understand how the things got broken then and I don't understand it now but am glad she forgave me!!! Please, dear Sister, send me your angel love until we meet again! I love you and miss you so much!!!!

Florence (Owens) Lowe

I Love You Grand Lady

Grand Lady was always so much fun. My fondest memory of Grand Lady is her riding the "Didi Car" around her house. A Didi car is a little ity-bity self-power car. Grand Lady also had nicknames for everyone and everything. She was always happy. I will miss her sense of humor the most. We will talk every night in my prayers. I love you Grand Lady.


My Mommy

My mother is the woman I will always strive to be. I live as close to the heavens as one can here on this earth and feel blessed to be able to look out my window and know she is nearby. The deer that pass by and look in the window will remind me of her gentle, innocent, and fabulously naive, sweetness. The hummingbirds will always remind me of her unexplainable and endless source of energy. My Mommy will always be with us. Barbi

Barb Preston

Grand Lady - I love you.

Grand Lady - I love you. Thank you for letting me play with your big red bouncy ball and swim in your pool. You always told me how much you love me. I miss you. I like it when you give me kisses.



Grand Lady - I love you.

I love you Grand Lady. I can?t wait until we see each other again. My favorite memory is when we were in San Clemente and we took those pictures together. The ones were our noses were touching. I also remember when we did the 5k run together. You were much faster than I was, but you always waited for me. You made me happy when you always came to my singing recitals and were always there for me. I hope you like the 2 songs I sang for you. I love you and I miss you already.


I miss you so much!

Lady was best grandma anyone could ever ask for. She was always there for me. She always wanted the best for me, and always loved her family. She was so sweet and it's going to be hard not having her with me. She is such a great rolemodel, always eating right and exercising. She was PERFECT in my eyes. SHE IS AN ANGEL. Whoever met her thought she is so sweet and nice, and they practically love her right then and there. I know she is always going to be looking after me and she always will be with me. I love you sooo much lady, and I miss you like crazy


My Sweet Sister

These are remembrances of Virginia Owens Smith by her brother Arthur W. Owens Virginia and I were both born at a very young age. Virginia was born December 21, 1925 on Wednesday and I was born June 13, 1924 on Friday. In 1926 our parents bought a 1926 Buick seven passenger sedan in which we took many trips as a family. By then we were a family of six which included our parents William P. Owens and Florence C. Owens, older brother William Charles, born August 2, 1920 and older sister Florence Mary, born February 5,1923 and usens. Since our mother and her sister had some experience on the stage she wanted her children to be prepared for that experience also. Mom started Florence, Virginia and me early in classes of dancing and dramatic art. Bill, being older, balked at the idea and missed out on that great opportunity to perform on stage. Besides our individual recitals Virginia and I had one we did together. After coming on stage and doing a couple of dance steps we started our history lesson. Our first lines were AO "My Pa tells me the strangest things he did when just a boy." VO "and my Ma was a model child, she never spoiled a toy." That's all I remember of the dialogue, but it ended up with a tap dancing routine. Of course we brought the house down. "ha ha /ho ho" I don't remember Virginia ever getting into trouble as she went through school. I do remember that in High School a lot of my friends and other guys thought she was "WOW" .Come to think of it, they were probably my friends because of her. Subsequent to High School she and Florence kept busy in the Minneapolis Aqua Follies and keeping the Baltimore Lunch running until Bill and I returned from the service. Then it was off to the Pasadena School of Theatre. Virginia was nice enough to return to be a bridesmaid for her, to be, sister-in-love's wedding. Then back to California to help Vic Tanny and Rudy Smith run the Vic Tanny Health Clubs. Virginia and Rudy Worked so good together they decided to become a team. One of the things that comes up in reminiscing on Virginia's life was her ability to cut to the chase. During a visit with us, after she and Rudy had coached us in starting the Sports and Health Clubs, I was standing over the sink looking out the window and Virginia came up with the remark "Look! Chubby Checkers" Here, I thought I was in pretty good shape. Isn't it awful how it all falls down after just finishing a good time in front of a mirror. Virginia's ready smile and willingness to help has been attested to by many. Even though we haven?t had much close contact lately we know she is with the LORD and she and Bill are having a great time. Thank you all for inviting us to attend the GREAT 80-50 CELEBRATION. It was awesome. GOD BLESS You All

Arthur Owens


Jack, I and the family were deeply saddened by the news of Virginia's passing. She was so vibrant when we last saw her in March. Our hearts go out to all of you. There are no words to express our feelings when a loved one leaves us. Although we know that it's inevitable when it happens, we do a lot of soul searching and find ourselves thinking about precious days, nights and years that were spent together. Nothing can ever take that away. Now Virginia's soul has gone on to the next expression of her life, a new beginning. Just as the forces of electricity are forever present, the energy that Virginia exuded will be forever present. Her physical form may not be with us, but the memory of her spirit and presence has not gone away but lives on in the countless people whom her life has touched. Virginia was a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother who always was smiling and laughing. She sparkled with enthusiasm! Even with her fun-loving, positive attitude she was always concerned for others. Virginia was everyone's friend and knowing her as one of my best and closest friends was one of the highlights of my 80 years on this planet. Although our paths took different directions and we were not able to see each other as much as we would like, our bond lasted over 62 years. She was beautiful inside and out! When I close my eyes I can still see her laughing and smiling and it is a good feeling that memory will never fade. Jack joins me in these sentiments and remembers how great she was to work with taking pictures for the Fitness King, plus all the good times we have had in the past years. With Love Health and Blessings

Elaine and Jack LaLanne

Miss your smile

In the 30 years we knew Virginia, her positive attitude and outlook were always impressive, and inspirational. We are glad to have shared some very special times with her and Rudy, and will always miss her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. Our sympathy and love go out to all of you. May "Lady" rest in peace.

Andy and Alexandra Palluck

CEO and Head Kid

Todd, I recently saw this news. I am so sorry. I hope you and the family are doing well. Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw

Follies Dollies

Dear Folly Dolly Gin Gin: Listen here, girl. Just because you were first and the leader whenever we did swim shows, that doesn't mean you can leave us here without you and without some sort of warning. You were the leader in much more than our swim routines. I came to you every time I had problems whether they were about health, fun or just life in general. You were always there for me and never gave me bad advice. I know I am still confiding in you and waiting for a sign from you as to what I should do. Thanks for the many happy memories if I had known those go-carts were a real race toward heaven, I would have shifted into faster than F D Gin Gin. Even now you seem to be trying to goof me up in my writing this letter to you guys again I lost the last letter completely. It was nothing like this. Flo reminded me that I needed to write this letter, but it is a very difficult task for me to review the sixty-some years of our lives from Minneapolis to Sherman Oaks, San Clemente and finally to Las Vegas You ended up with the perfect family: 2 boys and 2 girls. That wasn't easy as you always believed in doing things the natural way (which is also the most difficult). Ouch. But they all turned out to be winners. Your knowledge of medical information beat even today's computers. You had every right to glow when you showed us the health club, Ginny's home and family, and Todd's home (even though one of his children was sick) and family. Little did we know that the ride around that track would be our last trip together. Your nephew caught our pictures in action and Teresa said she sent them to you even then you had that glow of the winner. Alice and LaLa missed the race, but I hung on with you and Flo. Time alone will tell who the #2 winner will be. Save me a cozy spot near you. You deserve to observe your loved ones from afar and glow in the glory of their successfully following your great example of: How to do it Right. I love you so much and am missing you so much and am jealous that you got there first. You lucked out, Rudy, when you chose that gem. Love you love you love you.

Folly Dolly Bon Bon

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