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We are deeply grieved and saddened to learn of Lady's passing. We were privilege to know her. Judging from the outcome of Lady's wonderful offsprings it is easy to see that she was every bit exemplary mother all children is lucky to have had. Rudy,Todd, Barbi, Chad and Ginny, please accept our condolences. We pray that all of you are in good health and may the burden of your sorrow be easily overcome by the grace of all our prayers for her eternal peace. Keeping her good memories in our hearts will always keep her alive. With loving thoughts and prayer, Danny & Espie Picar

Danny & Espie Picar


We have been deeply saddened by Virginia's passing, and our condolences go out to Rudy and the Smith family. Virginia was always a joy to see in the clubs, lighting up the lobby with her smile, and setting an example for all of us. Her exuberance and zest for life are rare in this world. We are blessed to have known her.

Sara & A.J. Palluck


We were very sad to hear about the passing of "Lady." What a beautiful spirit "Lady" always had, she touched our lives in such a special way. Chris and I see her special spirit in everyone of her children and grandchildren. We will miss her very much! We love you "Lady." Thank you for being a part of our lives.

Chris and Candy Currie

Virginia...what an inspiration...

When I heard of Virginia's trip to Heaven I was so sad to know that the world had lost her. What an impact she had on my life-the impact the Smith's had on my life. I was barely 18 (ok 17 at the time of training~they let me slip by) I worked at Mission Viejo which is where Virginia and Rudy worked worked hard to keep that chrome clean knowing that any minute the "OWNERS" would be in. What I quickly learned was they weren't "owners" they were more like parents...Virginias voice on the circuit training (10-20-30) tape played soothingly throughout the day. She took my aerobics classes often...usually in the front row...we chatted when she came in...I told my supervisor Gary Graydon "I want to be just like her". He said "you want to have a hard body at 60?" and I'm like, well, yes a hard body at 60 would be great...but it was more than that it was her all of her that I wanted to emulate. I knew that at 18. What a family we had at Holiday Spa. It spoiled me. I thought all companies were like that. A sales contest was not really a sales usually was a family vacation with our surrogate parents...Rudy and Virginia...many of us who have never been in the position to have vacations like a Smith vacation and we were treated to life on the other side-and gave us inspiration to work harder when we got home. Rudy had my back. He never let anyone get away with treating me in any way that was less than I deserved. I got a bear hug from him at the Hollywood re-grand opening after the Northridge quake. I think about Cross Crawls and think of Virginia....balance your body! though I have not seen the Rudy and Virginia in years...I have thought about them often. Rudy I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved heart aches for you and your family. But what a life she had...she had the steadfast love of a great man...awesome unaffected children who grew to be great people and had great children for Virginia to love. The Smith family was still a wonderful loving, together and close family that treasured Virginia until her passing. Yeah, I still want to be just like her... XOXO to my family, Pegi Cook (Van Buskirk)



Though I never met Lady, I can see how much she positively touched many people's lives. ~DRC~

Duncan R.Coons

Former Manager of Holiday Spa

FLY WITH THE ANGELS VIRGINA, Thank you for all the dedication and physic you and Rudy gave us. Holiday Spa was a big stepping stone and had a big impact on my career. It was such an honor to be with everyone at your 80/50 Party in Las Vegas. You looked so beautiful. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, fly... let them see you in their dreams! In Spirit and Love, Linda Clarke

Linda Clarke


I looked up to see the titles a "Loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, and Friend". Two of the titles pertain to me. Those are Grandmother and Friend. I thought of you as my California Grandmother and a great family Friend. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and my family. There have been so many great memories that have been shared with our two families. Truly you have been an inspiration to all you came in contact with. You will be missed.

Chloe Alyse Prestwich

Bright Shining Star

The light, love and ready smile Virginia gave to everyone will continue to shine in many hearts long after she's gone. Her smile always brightens a gloomy day. I will always remember her as a bright shining star. Our condolence and deepest sympathy to Rudy and family for the Lady's "time to go home". She probably is needed to do some work in heaven. God Bless you all!

Dave & Tita Talbot


Dear Rudy, Todd, Chad, Brett, and family, As night's darkness is followed by dawn, sorrow is followed by comfort. Please accept my deepest, most heartfelt sympathy on the death of your beloved Lady Virginia. Like many others who were drawn to Virginia by her charm, and warmth, I am deeply grieved by her death.


past Holiday Spa manager

I am so sorry for the family of Virginia's loss, what a great lady, that contributed so much to the health clubs & her family & friends.She sure lead an exciting life,she will be missed by all who knew her. She looked so healthy & glowing at the 50/80 celebration.My sincere condolences, Colleen

Colleen Pontius


I feel PRIVILEGED to have known Virginia for many years. What I will remember most about her is that wonderful smile and her positive attitude towards everything! Her home was always open and she made everyone feel like family. She was a generous and inspirational woman. She will be missed. Gary Lembo

Gary Lembo

Former Holiday Spa Employee/ And Friend

I just received the news last night about 'Lady' passing away. How can a smile like that ever pass away? Simple ... it doesn't. Every time I think of Virginia I'll see that everlasting smile in my heart. I met Virginia when I was a teenager. At that young, impressionable age she was someone to admire. Just those thighs and calves alone were a sight to behold! But nothing compared to that smile. It was you, Virginia, that inspired me to embrace the world of good nutrition. It was you that inspired me to understand the full value of exercise. It was you who use to give me an occasional scolding at the club, but never without a smile ... somewhere. Remember all those enthusiastic(OK... sometimes goofy) talks we use to have about all the latest herbs and supplements we wanted to try? Oh ... and all those giggles ... how I use to love to giggle with you! Your beautiful daughters inherited that warmth from you, and so did your handsome sons. Yes, I will miss you, my friend, now more than 30 years later, but your inspiration and smiles will always remain a part of me. Besides, you are not far away. In Prayer, Brie Wilkinson

Brie Wilkinson


I feel compelled to tell you all how truly wonderful it is to have been Lady-Lou's son (in law) in my life time here on earth. She filled our lives with her "ism's" like no other and was always there in the good times as well as the tough ones. A true free spirit with inspiration and an engaging like few others, Lady's laugh and smile reign radiant in all of our memories. I pledge my love and sincere caring for what she provided to this crazy world we move through headed to another plain of existence... Stay strong in the convictions of rightness and commitment to your goals because Lady is watching and supporting all of you! Love always, Rob

Rob Preston

An Exceptional Lady

Virginia was a special lady and an inspiration to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.She always made it a point to come to all LVAC employee functions to show her support and appreciation for the people who worked for her. Whether it was the Sales Meetings,the Corporate Christmas Party, or the Exceptional Female Athlete Luncheon, she was there with her gracious smile and her bottle of water :). She will be truly missed. Our prayers of peace go out to her loving family. Justen, Melissa, Skylar,Garin,Neally, and Cainan Peters

Justen and Melissa Peters

Educational Humorist

I remember Virginia's smile. Every time you saw her, she honored you with her smile. It comes from her heart and soul, and you didn't just see, you felt it. That smile uplifted so many people; now it helps to lift the heavens.

Frank Butterfield

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