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You will be missed

Seldom do you find someone in your life who is a mentor, roll model and good friend. That is exactly what we found in Virginia. Michael and I will never forget all the great times we had with Virginia and Rudy at Holiday Spa. The love and care Virginia showed toward our family was endless and we want to thank her for everthing she did for us. We know she will be greatly missed and hope you remember the joy, laughter, and smiles she brought to so many of us. We send our love and support to Rudy and all of Virgina's loved ones and will keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Missed but never forgotten, Karen & Michael

Karen,Michael,Courtney and Angela Reling

Daughter of Wayne and Betty Tarvin, sister of Mic Tarvin

With our tremendous sincerest sympathy for your family. This was such a shock, as I remember how totally beautiful she looked at the 50\\80 party. There are no words to express the pain you must all be suffering. Please know that we are all thinking of you. The Tarvin\\Elliott Family

Patricia Elliott


Hello! Dan and I just wanted to say we are sorry about the loss of Virginia. Dan is Arthur's grandson (Mark Owens is Dan's dad) and I am now there granddaughter! We love them so much and they mean the world to us, I can only imagine what Virginia was to all of you and your families! I am honored that we were able to share this website with you and it would be great to keep in touch and learn more about you all. In Christ's Love- Dan and Leah Owens Cole, Cheyenne, Cody and Cash

Dan & Leah Owens

Former Holiday Spa Employee

I am very saddedened to hear about Virginia's passing. I will always remember her with a smile and something positive to say and I feel very fortunate to have made the trip to Las Vegas in October to see her and Rudy one more time. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. God Bless, Marya

Marya Diacoumacos

Friend of Family

I am so sorry to hear the news. I deeply give everyone in the intire family my warmest regards during this incredibly horrific time in the loss of dear "Lady". This is heart breaking to me. I am deeply moved by her passing and will include her and the family in my thoughts. Dearest Puppa I can only imagine your pain and I can only say I'm sorry for your tremendous loss. Lady will always be in my memories with that terrific smile. I am greatful to have got to spend a little time with her and it will always be cherished in my heart and thoughts. Lady touched people in ways she didn't even realize. For me it was how she showed how important her family was and how deep of love she and Puppa had. I can only dream of creating what she had with her family, her wonderful husband and the life the two built together. She will be deeply missed and I will always remember her in my heart. May her memory go on forever. Love---Cynthia Griffin

Cynthia Griffin


I am the wife of one of Arthur Owens grandsons so I never got to meet her. She seemed to be full of life and a very fun lady. I am sorry for your loss and we will keep praying for you and your family. Love Matt and Carly Owens

Matthew and Carly Owens


We are thankful to have known Lady. Virginia could always light up a room whenever she was around. We know that her wonderful memories will stay with the members of her family forever. You were all very lucky to have such a great mom and wife.

Zoi and Marty Brees

Remembering Your Mom

My dad was finally able to reach me late yesterday with the news about your Mom. I am so sorry. I have thought about all of you at various times throughout the years and remembered your kindness and generosity toward me. My earliest memories of your Mom were when you lived in Sherman Oaks and my dad, my brother Todd (TJO) and I flew from Oklahoma to LA and drove to your house. TJO was pretty small to walk up to your front door by himself in an attempt to trick your Mom. It was really fun to hear her laugh in the midst of her various exclamations about how surprised she was. My next memories were during my time in the Navy. It seemed like your Mom always had some special healthy diet whether some type of health ?malt? or eggs on hamburgers but I always enjoyed her smile and laugh. Oh, and the names she had for all of you kids. I don?t know if I ever had them all down but they seemed to change over the years anyway. Right now I just remember something like, ?Toddileebops?, ?Ginna-poopa-bridgeta?, ?Barbie-boops-von-barbie-bops? and ?Enzymes-eenzymes-prune-to-beenzymes?. I probably slaughtered those special nicknames. Sorry about that. Your Mom sure could come up with names. I remember coming home (US ? Long Beech, CA) from Viet Nam and your Mom and you kids on the pier to meet me. That was really special to me. Thinking that she would take the time to pack up and bring all of you to the Naval Base touches me even now. She was always telling me about the Grunion runs. I told some of my friends at the Paramount Bible Church about the Grunion and then your Mom invited us to your Malibu home to go Grunion hunting. I don?t recall that we saw more than a few but we sure had fun. Your hospitality made quite an impression. Your Mom and Dad always seem to be very hospitable, gracious hosts. Over the years we have had sporadic opportunity to see various members of your family and have always enjoyed our time together. You are a credit to your Mom and Dad. I wish I had been able to make it to their 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I have heard great things about it and about the joyful time your Mom had during and after the party. Well done, kids. I have only the fondest of memories of your Mom and the rest of you. We?ll be praying for you all and the adjustments you face. With fondness for you all,

Mark Owens


I remember meeting Lady and Rudy and thinking...THAT kind of love gives me hope. Their family inspires me, and Lady showed everyone who had the pleasure of being around her, to live by your convictions. I'm so blessed to have seen and felt a little taste of what's truly possible. God bless.

Dana Wildman


Virgina is truly a lovely lady, she and Rudy have made a huge impact in the way we live our lives, to the fullest. I will always treasure all the memories. My deepest sympathy to Rudy, and to all that will miss her. It was an honor to be with all of you at the 50/80 party, thank you. Love and prayers, Mikey Chieco

Michael Chieco

Ed FitzGerald's sister

I never met Virginia but feel as if I new her from hearing about her over the years. My condolences go out to all of the family from all of my family her. Camille Mather

Camille Mather


As I sit down and write you this note, I am trembling with with such fond memories of Virgina. To tell you in words how much she ment to me and our industry is dificult. Virgina was the air that Rudy breathe. She was the heart and soul of her family's life. I admired her strength, her unconditional love and her vulnerability. Virgina is the reason I am a better friend, better father and most important, a better husband. She provided me the confidence and strength to reach out of my comfort zone to try new things when I first showed up at the Costa Mesa office of Holiday Spa in 1978. As her Family face this loss together, I am confident that they will find a way to grow closer and provide an example of what true love is! God bless your family! Lynne and Augie

Augie Nieto


My sincere condolences to all of you. Virginia was a very special and dynamic lady. I always looked forward to our times spent together. Another Angel must have been needed in Heaven.

Nancy Brady

Dear Rudy and Family

In all the years I have known Virginia I have never seen her without a smile on her face and a twinkle in her beautiful eyes. It was my pleasure to have known her these past 30+ years. She will certainly be missed but most certainly never forgotten. Much Love, Jerilynn

Jerilynn Demaree

Deepest Sympathy

Our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of Virginia (Lady) Owens Smith Bert & Flor Paulo LVAC Flamingo

Bert & Flor Paulo

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